How did you decide: dating, more kids...

Discussion in 'Single Parents' started by DobbyForever, Jul 2, 2021.

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    I don't know if this makes sense. I'm not looking for strategies on how to make a decision. I'm just curious. When you were deciding whether to keep dating vs just stay single forever OR have more kids as a single mom vs not have more kids, what was the deciding factor for you? I keep going back and forth on what I want. So I'm just, what was your AHA moment to either keep/stop looking for Mr. Right or have more kids as a single mom (not if you were in a relationship).
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    My deciding factor was waiting to see who I met and what they wanted, I initially didn’t want more children but then I had to be open that there would be a possibility that the person I meet would wants children.
    I decided that if this was suppose to happen I would like to be at least committed first, thankfully for me after 3 years single and a fair few dates most of block as I walked away I met my now husband and we have a gorgeous blend with 5 children.

    I’m glad I took the leap and realised not everyone is the same.
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    My main deciding factor was to find the right person for me. A person that would make me feel loved and accept all my imperfections. I know dating is not the best way to find a person like this, and the best relationship is usually more casual, but I had no other choice.
    Being in a good relationship was my main condition, and I tried many ways to find it. Surprisingly, the place that helped me find my life's love is Ukrainian Dating Service and Single Ladies for Marriage at I tried almost everything, and it was my last resort. And I got lucky and met a woman with me now, and we love each other and plan to have kids in the future.
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