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how did you get pregnant?


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Jun 24, 2009
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besides having sex, which type of birth contorl were you and FOB using? or was it planned, etc.
Damnaggit I was gonna answer with "I had sex". Why do you ruin all my fun?
Wasn't planned. I was taking the pill but would forget it all the time. I feel really stupid now cuz I kept justifying it by saying "most people have to try for years so it must be pretty hard to do" really REALLY stupid :dohh:
First pregnancy - Was on the pill.
Second pregnancy - NTNP.
Third - On a different pill.

Now we're TTC and nothings happening :dohh:
Unprotected. Was off pill for 6 months then got pregnant.

Have been having unprotected sex for 6 years and 1 viable pregnancy and 1 mc. Odd how I haven't been pregnant more and a bit irritating tbh
Condoms, the pill and pull out :wacko: I swear he must have done me in my sleep or something because I was so, so careful. Wouldn't change anything though (except for him).
We used condoms before we decided we wanted to NTNP, then used nothing.
I voted "other" since I've been pregnant four times. Anyway...

With Aiden, I don't think we were using anything at the time. I was supposed to go on birth control, but I was supposed to wait until my period came. It never did. :dohh::haha:

With Mady, I was on birth control and the pharmacy screwed up and didn't fill my prescription (I was using an automatic refill program). So I had to wait to get my birth control and during the wait, I got pregnant. Plus, I was prescribed anti-biotics the month before and no one told me that it made the pill ineffective, so that probably had something to do with it, too.

In my third pregnancy (which ended in a miscarriage) I was exclusively breastfeeding Mady and my OH and I were using condoms.

And in this pregnancy, we were NTNP (although it was closer to TTC) and we decided that we were going to go back to using condoms for a while so I could go to the doctors and start figuring out what was wrong with my periods (suspected endometriosis). We hadn't been using condoms for a year at this point, so we figured we wait until I got my period then start using them again afterward. It was actually a huge shock to both of us that I got pregnant that cycle. :flow:
I voted other, Ive been pregnant 3 times.

The first time was unprotected, but I miscarried.

With Alexander and my resent m/c I was on the pill and we were using condoms.
pull out... :dohh:

Worked for almost 2 years... Not a single pregnancy... But I guess it was bound at some pt.

Wouldn't change a thing. :cloud9:
There's no got drunk option lol. Pretty much booze makes my brain stupid when it comes to having sex sadly . Well not sadly I love both my kids they just weren't planned. I wasn't on bc with either and condoms are a no go when drunk
Was on Alesse for 4 years, switched to TriCyclen Lo and the first month I conceived Elyse! I was on antibiotics for a bit and my period came early, and I KNEW I should be careful since I was starting a new pill and everything but I figured "it won't happen to me" "I've been on the pill so long it'd probably take a few months even if I tried" etc... and I got pregnant :lol:

I've now had a Mirena in since July 2009 with no pregnancy (hopefully I don't jinx myself)
I chose the 'planned' option. because I guess my pregnancy was kind of planned.. To be honest, my OH is the only person I've ever slept with. I lost my virginity when I was 16, not even two years ago but... we never once used a condom. :/ I was on the pill to start with but constantly forgot to take it. I eventually went off it and we didn't use any birth control for a little while and then decided to TTC. I remember the night he was concieved so clearly! it was the ONE and ONLY time I stopped him and said - we should use a condom, I'm not ready for a baby... and then bam. Few weeks later BFP. I hadn't even missed my period or had symptoms... I just 'knew'. Wouldn't change it for the world now. :)
I was on the pill, but it was so confusing when i should and shouldnt be taking it so thats probably how i got pregnant:dohh::flower:
I also want the "I was drunk option" lol in the mist of the moment forgot to use a condom and concieved our little Carla.
Unprotected - only because I was told my body couldn't cater for a baby after 3 m/c. when it came to lyla i had to take all kinds of pills to sustain my body properly.

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