How do i know if im LTTC and have a problem?

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Sully123, Nov 19, 2011.

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    This question probably seems very strange so I will share my story. I have been off the pill since April 2010. We were NTNP but quickly found myself tracking my cycles and used OPKs for two months in the first few months. We didnt get a BFP and I found I was getting too stressed by it so we took a back seat for a while and were just BDing whenever and not really tracking. However I was probably subconciously making note of my cycle length, CM, etc. Now for the past two/three months we have started tracking my cycles and CM again and trying to BD at the correct time but my OH works very long hours so to be honest we probably dont always maximise our chances as we dont always BD when we should. I have bought Preseed and OPKs this month and haave been using them but dont appear to have ovulated. (i was on anti depressants but stopped this month so think this could have messes up my cycle)

    During the time we have been NTNP/TTC I was referred to Gynie for pain during sex and heavy paiful periods. Had scan and one ovary looked fine and no PCOS but they couldnt find my other. They said it was probabyl just hiding behind my bowel and that this is common. I was told that I would need a LAP if problem persisted but i'm terrified of general aneasthetic so have put it off. They told me i shouldnt worry about fertility unless i had been tring for about 5 years!! This seems stupid advice given my age.

    I was wondering if you ladies think we just havent really been trying properly and that actually we have only really properly tried to concieve a few months? Or should I be really concerned?

    Sorry for the long garbled message.
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    Get the lap done. Nothing at all gives any indication of problems like a lap. Ultrasound and pelvic exams show up very little, age and levels of pain have nothing to do with it. All my ultrasounds and pelvic exams have been normal, my lap showed endometriosis- 2 tiny bits of it as I have a lot of menstrual pain. They were able to remove the endo during the lap. Pain during sex is a classic sign of endo and unless you have masses of it, it won't show on an ultrasound. Also if an tube has twisted round ovary they can also release it.

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