How do you know if you "feel" or see things?

Discussion in 'Paranormal' started by itwaaawendys, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. itwaaawendys

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    I've always had strange things happen around me, dreamt and predicted things, seen things I don't think others see, feel vibes, massively connected to things, and everything around me seems to just constantly be a coincidence I.e. reminders of things everywhere but not distantly when I've got to connect dots, just blatant, I feel so aware.

    Of course this is probably juat in my head! Anyone else?
  2. unicornjk431

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    Aug 19, 2018
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    There is a very thin line between feeling a spiritual being and having hallucinations. I wish there was a way to distinguish the two :(
  3. 6lilpigs

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    I see accidents before they happen but I think its more mothers intuition/training constantly seeing hazards if that makes sense, a shoe on the stairs, 'Someones coming down there!', two seconds later, bang,bang,bang, yep someone tripped on the shoe before I got to it:)

    Maybe make a record of what you dream and feel and see how accurate it is.

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