How do you resolve- one wants big wedding, one wants to elope?

Discussion in 'Bride & Beyond' started by aliss, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Sep 23, 2009
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    So our (first) baby is due in late May/early June and we're moving 5000km away at the same time - to a French province and my French is terrible so I won't be able to get a job right away anyways (job transfer) - which also includes purchasing a home! In the same month! I would rather run away to Vegas for a weekend - as if we're going to have any money left over, anyways?

    OH wants the big deal, which would mean waiting a few years (I can't imagine doing this all at once - as if I don't have enough stress for 2010).

    Did anyone have this problem? How did you compromise?

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