How late is too late for GTT? And weight worries.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by BumbleBump, Apr 16, 2009.

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    I had my GTT yesterday (at 30+2), isn't this a bit late to have this done? I had to have it because mum is Type 1 diabetic, had with with DD too but came back clear. Hopefully it will this time too, but I'm a little worried as I've been really tired and way more thirsty than normal (hoping its just the useful pregnancy stuff though as I've read you rarely get symptoms for GTT).

    My MW didn't tell me when or how to get the results back, and my next MW appt isn't for about 4 weeks. What week would it be ideal to change my diet etc to make sure bubs doesn't get too big? Any tips on things I can do in the meantime just in case? Fundal height was measuring 32cm so only slightly ahead, and DD was 8lb 2 so expecting a slightly larger bubs anyways (OH is very tall, and DD was a long baby).

    I also got weighed, and I've put on 3kg (about 6/7 pounds). She didn't seem worried, but after reading up on recommended weight gain (based on my weight) I should have put on another 10 pounds or so? People have commented that I look "all baby" and I thought I'd actually have put on a ton more than that because I've been eating more than normal but now I'm a bit worried. I put on tons with DD and never really lost it, and I think I might have lost from other places and put on bump - is that OK? I'm hoping as my MW wasn't worried then it's fine, but as lovely as she is, I'm not sure I 100% trust her...

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