How on earth do you OPK?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by ~Hope, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Right having gone one cycle letting nature take its course and having random cramps I decided to buy some OPKs and temp this cycle.

    Going by last month's cycle I was due to OV on CD20 and I think I started POAS on CD18 - when the sticks turned up. CD18 no line. CD19 real faint line and then on CD20 it looked much stronger. My temp also dipped that day. And I had a stitch type feeling in my left ovary.

    On CD21 the line faded out and then on CD22 there was no line.

    So I think I OVd on CD20.

    MY temp rose on CD21 and 22 but dipped again today (CD23). The last couple of days I've had low cramps - like period pains and today I feel completely weepy!

    Does it sound like I OVd on CD20 or maybe I missed it and I'm experiencing PMT - which would make this cycle so much shorter than last months!

    Here's my chart if anyone wants to take a look

    Can someone explain the whole OPK thing to me as I assumed that when the line showed positive you were OVing - but then I read someone here that OV occurs 24-36 hours after the positive

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    I clicked the link and I couldn't bring up your chart.

    However, usually when you get a + OPK, you will Ov 12-36 hours later. Also, Ov pains can come before, during, and/or after actual Ov so there's no hard and fast rule about when they occur.

    As far as the strength of the + line, my OPKs are + when the test line is darker than the control line and that's usually the rule. However, some ladies don't have much luck with OPKs and I wonder if it's the strength of the test stick so maybe for you, this will be normal....I don't know.

    It does sound like you already Ov'd given the information you have shared.

    Good luck hunni.

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