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    Hi ladies, we've been trying to conceive for 2 years and the half. My husband is 40 years old and I'm 34 this year both no kids. I've been diagnosed with PCOS I have very irregular period and my HB his Physician diagnose him with thyroid he is taking the medication for it and he has low sperm count especially his motility is not what he suppose to be and he ejaculate once in a cycle due to the fact he delay ejaculation or take 2 hours which be irritating. My GYNAE sent my hb to Urologist for check up he has done last year in November only left with the ex-ray the problem I've been pushing him to collect the results last week as he was on leave he never did he said he go this week which he say now he will go next week i'm worried that this year will end without taking any action again. His physician sent him for test beginning of last year so i'm frustrated because GYNAE is not willing to give me the Clomid until he send his positive results that say his sperms are in a normal standard. I have ask hb for us to visit the Fertility clinic he said we should wait for his result which he take 3 months to do or even fetch them. my question is how to motivate him to see that its not possible for us to conceive naturally we need take DRs advice and do as they say as soon possible as our age is dropping the chances. *I'm sorry with a lot story i'm really frustrated I've seat down with him he keep on say he will do it*

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