how we conceived i hope this helps...

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    hi ladies,

    i know how hard ttc can be and how hard it is to see a :bfn: i just wanted to share how i got my :bfp:

    * learn your body by heart!!!

    * i drank alot of water and walked for 20min 3 times a week on the thread mill

    * i charted my bbt and cm using fertility friend.

    * i used opks

    * i was taking folic acid , magnesium, vitamin e till ovulation, vitamin b6,b12 and zinc! zinc is a must for hubby!!!!!

    * after :sex: i would wait for an hour in bed and then got up no matter how bad i had to go. the 2 important days i slept till morning without getting up at all (i think thats what helped)

    * after taking a bath i would only wash on the outside!!! which i never only did the previous months...if i only knew...:dohh:

    * and of course i prayed to our Heavenly Father for lets never forget all is posible with God!

    good luck to all .... hope you all get your :bfp: soon! you all deserve it!!!

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    Thank Oulina - I'm gonna be taking all that on board for next month.

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