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    I just want to warn anyone with or thinking about getting anything from Hewlett Packard.

    We bought a camera in Holland at xmas 2005. It was a good deal at the time and much cheaper there. Well the camera stopped working in January, just after the warranty ran out. I rang their premuim helpline to see what they would do to help. We had already tried the iinternet help service. Anyway they informed me that they did not service products that are out of warranty(no one else will touch them either) but they could sell us a refurbished unit for £135, the camera cost us £125 originally and collect our old one. Alternatively they would sell us a new camera for £83+postage. I checked and could get the same model for £81 including postage from elsewhere online!

    Anyway I have written to complain and infromed them that I would be ttelling everyone I know how disappionted I am with their service dept. It is a shame as I procure all the hardware and periferals for the school where I work and will not be purchasing any HP products again.

    Just thought I would warn you in case you were tempted, most HP products are great but I guess that's why their aftercare doesn't have to be so good!

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