Hudson Foundation IVF assistance funds (ID and UT)

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    I found this online today while I was looking around infertility awareness things, and I thought it was pretty cool. I don't know if anyone could use this - but, it's worth looking into!!

    "The Mission Hope Grant will be used for IVF treatments only. The grant does not cover any other medical procedure, lab work, or medicine. Grant recipients have within 90 days upon learning that they are awarded a grant to submit the remaining balance of the IVF treatment to the approved clinic. Upon valid proof of receipt from the clinic, The Hudson Foundation, Inc will thereafter transfer the grant award to the clinic to be held in escrow until the IVF procedure takes place. The IVF procedure (i.e retrieval) must take place within 6 months from receiving notice of such award. If any of the aforementioned timeline is breached, the grant recipient hereby relinquishes his/her right to the grant money and the money shall be transferred back to The Hudson Foundation, Inc.
    Selection is based on the compelling nature of an applicant's circumstances, their fertility history, financial situation and a number of other determining factors. While consideration will be given to those who already have one child, preference will be given to those with no children."

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