I’m terrified. Low hcg?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by KatieA, Apr 3, 2020.

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    I have an almost two year old that we had no problem conceiving and carrying to term (besides gd) so when we decided to try for number 2 I arrogantly thought it would go just as well. I had a miscarriage in October and then again in December. After dealing with the heartbreak (who are we kidding I still ache for what should have been) I sought out help from a high risk ob at the recommendation of my sister. I love this doctor! She saw me even though I wasn’t pregnant at the time, did a full and complete work up with 15 different labs. She said I have the lab numbers of PCOS (color me surprised because I have never experienced the symptoms that come with PCOS) an am pre-diabetic. My numbers never fully went back to normal after my daughter so I can’t say I was surprised. She told me go ahead and try next month (April) and if needed we will start progesterone.
    Since my losses my periods have been a little off. My cycles went from a typical 28 days to 30-31 days. We baby danced after my clue app said I had ovulated. I haven’t used opk’s since we were trying in December but the app typically matched up. So imagine me....very frustrated that NOW PCOS is rearing it’s ugly face when cycle day 38 comes and no period. So I took a test.....and the thing came out positive.

    long story still long, I called my ob and my hcg is only at a 24 and she wants me in for a repeat. I’m terrified. Hubby and I aren’t letting ourselves get attached to this nugget. Has anyone gone on with low hcg to have a healthy pregnancy? (I would be 4+6) I never checked hcg with dd. (I expect to hear back with progesterone levels today so maybe that will give more indication) I want so badly for this to be the one we can take home.
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    Its highly possible your a few days behind where you thought you were and your HCG is fine.

    The main thing is that it doubles in 48-72 hours, a single beta test doesn't really tell you anything.

    Good luck for your next test, think positive. xx
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    No experience with this but hoping everything goes smoothly for you and you have a happy healthy pregnancy!

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