I am scared...

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by cammy, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. cammy

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    Nov 9, 2010
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    and absolutely terrified that everything is falling apart. I dunno if its my hormones that are going crazy or if its all this stress from everything, but I can't stop the tears from flowing.

    I was hoping that me and OH were moving out soon as he was due to get his new job, but it just keeps getting put off. It feels like he doesn't even care if he gets a job or not..its like he's not trying. Hes supposed to have his job but he keeps putting off calling this guy to get started. He has no money, can barely afford to see me, he only does when I have an appointment...if he can make it. He pays his mum hundreds of dollars a week, the equivalent of a good pay check a fortnight, which I think iis ridiculous. Whenever I wanna talk about choices in birth classes, scans, buying cots, clothes etc , picking names and getting ready for baby he acts all uninterested and just stands there.

    He told me he was saving but he has no money. He wont look at rental places with me, he wont help me call up the real estate to ask questions. He wont help me set up appointment or anything. And then he tells me that I am shy, wont talk to anyone or do anything for myself....when I do EVERYTHING for myself and I even manage to do alot for him.

    I cant live in this house with my parents anymore....its too stressful and there's always lots of serious drama and they take all there anger out on me because Im the one that always happens to be around.
    But OH refuses to help me find a place to live.

    He thinks Im not trying, that Im immature and lack responsibility. My family says the same. No one thinks I can raise my baby, they say Im too young, stupid and have no money. My mum wants me to stay home because shes a controlling cow who is jealous that Im having a baby because shes been trying with no success. My dad wants me to stay home so that there is a baby around for my mum to have so that she wont bug him about having their own baby. ITS MY BABY.

    I'm supposed to start university soon, but I'm just too upset and sad to be excited or motivated. In between all of the appointments, talking to realestates, setting up my schooling and trying to prepare myself, whenever I have a moment to spare all I do is cry because everything is just so hard.

    I come on here and everyone seems so optimistic, stable and happy and it gets to me because that's what I want.

    Is anyone else finding things hard, or is it just me.

    Sorry for the ramble, Im just pretty upset.
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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Hi ya, I was in a pretty much the same situation when i had my daughter. Even though she was planned my OH then could not be bothered to get a job, he was quite happy just living with various relatives and leaving it to me to get everything ready for when she came along. Its alot to take on, not only are you carrying his child but your left with everything else to do!
    I know how it feels to be living with your parents, if their in a bad mood your the one getting it in the neck and i know i never feel that i can be moody or if i want to be on my own for a bit i feel bad!!
    It will get better, if your as determined as you snd just put every1 else out your mind and do it for you! Can you afford to get a house on your own? Ever need a moan about parents im your girl!!! :wacko:

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