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    About a week and a half ago I started to feel really sick and had headaches and dizzy moments which isn’t normal for me. I was also going the bathroom a lot of frequent so I decided to buy a two pack of clear blue pregnancy tests. I took one and expected it to be negative but I noticed a very faint positive sign that began to get darker. I took the second test and the same result came back. Not two days later I bought two more and got the same result. I am 17 and if I am correct I am around 4 and a half weeks along.

    A week before I took the test I had asked my bf out of curiosity if I got pregnant what would he do and he said that he would consider breaking up with me. He’s also told me that I would have to abort it but due to some moments within my family I could never personally abort a child myself.

    Because of quarantine, I haven’t seen my bf in a bit and I’m constantly stressed about how to tell him. I don’t want to message him and tell him cause I feel like it’s something we should have a face to face conversation about. Knowing this, I may have to wait until next time I see him to tell him which is where I am asking advice. I’m not sure how to even bring it up or anything. I keep on thinking about the situation and I don’t want to get myself stressed if I am pregnant. I am probably going to take another test this week and if it comes back positive I’ll try to get a doctors appointment but I don’t know what to do about my bf. I could never abort this child!
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    Hi honey, I'm so sorry that you have found yourself in this position, it can be a difficult time for anyone, even if they planned to have a child, never mind ending up here without trying. So, what to do...
    You know how you feel, you have no intention of terminating, its really important that you have all of that straight in your mind before you let your BF know, its important you can say with certainty so he doesn't think he can change your mind. This said its important that you realise that he might get scared and feel he can't be involved.
    Do you have an understanding family who will stick by you?
    I think, if I were you, I wouldn't be able to wait this out, let's face it this could go on for a while. I think you should call, or message him and let him know that you're late and that you're ordering tests, this gives him a bit of time to get his head around the possibility and you a little bit a breathing space. Once you've done your next test that's the time to have the conversation. I really understand why youd rather do this face to face but these are really strange times and non of us know how long this is going to go on and I don't think you're being fare on yourself, or him, if you put it off.
    Good luck.
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    It sounds like you are pregnant, my first test was light as well when I was really early. I found out at 3 weeks 4 days before I missed my period though, by 4 weeks it was darker but it's different for everyone. A line is a line. I conceived my daughter accidentally with someone I was colleagues with and FWB on the side however I had no interest in a relationship and he did not want kids. I on the other hand was in my late 20's and planning to start looking into donor options at the end of the year to be a single mother by choice at the time I conceived naturally so terminating was not going to happen. I told the father right away which I recommend you do soon over video chat or call him if you have too. My baby daddy wanted an abortion initially too but we mutually agreed I would keep the baby and leave him out of it. In the end I currently have full legal and physical custody and he's not on her birth certificate although he does see her from time to time and he helps me out if I need it, as we managed to stay friends and continue to work well together in the office. I don't know if he'll stay in her life right now or if she'll ever know he's her father but that will be up to him as I don't want to keep her from him.

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