I feel asif my partner hates me.

Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by MeganJade, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Hi, Im just looking for some advice and maybe abit of support.

    I have an 11 month old baby girl and im so blessed to have her, i had my baby girl and a month after she was born her dad disappeared. ever since then ive done it on my own, i met someone when she was 3 month old and immediatley after we slept together I fell pregnant , i didnt find out till i was 6 weeks and when i went for a scan because i started they couldnt find anything in my womb, they said id have a miscarriage. At this point my partner really wanted this baby, but I wasnt to sure it was to early for me.
    Me and my partner then moved past it got a new home, moved away fresh start then last week on Monday I found out I was pregnant again, I was over the moon, really excited , I told my partner and he said I should have an abortion, I immediately disagreed and said if he didnt want it i would do it on my own. he then came around and said we would do it together, I went to the doctors I had pain in my left side so they sent me for a scan to rule out eptopic pregnancy , they did a normal scan then an internal they couldnt find anything in my womb once again , they took my bloods and said that they would call me with the results I went home fingers crossed. Couple of hours later i got a phone call saying my HCG levels were at 64 and i was more than likely going to have a misscarriage. Its finally over , im still bleeding but the worst parts over , i can now hold my tears in.
    i didnt understand why this happened to me , my first pregnancy went so great i had no problems at all , apart from she was a month early but they let me take her home the next day because she was perfectly fine.

    i know im still really young and 2 babies would be really hard work but now i feel as if my partner hates me , he wont look at me or touch me , he just wants to be alone , and im starting to feel as if he doesn't love me anymore, im getting insanely jealous, hes been unfaithful to me before and i think he might be doing it again , is it just me or is it normal to feel like this.
    i cant look at pregnant women or new born babies anymore, i dares'nt go on facebook because everyone falling pregnant , baby scans and welcome to the world photos, im happy for my friends as i think they will be amazing parents but i cant touch their babies or even look at them its making me feel awful.
    just writing this out has made me feel abit better , Ive tried talking to my partner but he just doesn't want to know. Thankyou.
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    Men handle miscarriage much differently. Your partner is probably grieving, just as you are, but in his own way. Give him time to get over it all and work through his feelings. Find someone else to confide in and talk to for now and when he's in a better space, he might be better able to talk to you about it.

    The way you feel is normal. Seeing other people having babies and sharing scans is hard when you are going through a miscarriage. But, on the bright side, you have a baby that you can take comfort in. Love your baby girl and hopefully, when the time is right, your partner will be back on board with TTC.
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    Honestly babe is forget about your partner and focus on your daughter. In such a short space of time he's cheated on you and you think he's doing it again? I know him asking for an abortion may have been the shock but it doesn't sound as if he's as committed as you are.

    I may sound old (I feel it!) but you're more than strong enough to do this on your own. Focus on the gorgeous bubba you do have and wait for the right man.

    I'm sorry about the Mc though I hope you're doing ok :hugs:

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