i feel like im going up the wall advice needed

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    hello everyone hope u are all ok
    i am after some advice as i really really feel like im loosing my mind lol

    i have been having wierd periods for the last 3 months maybe 4 well anyways i keep feeling little flutters in my belly as if i am pregnant

    i went for a scan 2day not to see if im pregnant but for some pain i have been having just under my ribs (they thought i might have gall stones) but its turned out i havent

    well wen the person was scanning where my gall bladder was he moved down a bit further 2wards my belly and i swear i saw a baby, i feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me
    i asked the bloke if he could see a pregnancy and he said he couldnt tell cos my bladder wasnt full enough

    what does anyone suggest i do i feel mad and feel stupid going to the docs and sayin all this to them

    thanks for listening me go on lol xx

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