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Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by stevon111, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    right hello everyone...im just posting this today becouse i feel my daughter is getting too much to start with...i split with my gf about 4 months now and faye is now at the 4 month mark and she was getting fed baby rice to start with approx 2 spoon fulls at the morning feed and then 2 spoon fulls in the afternoon with bottle of milk and faye has been taking her bottles really well but was taking approx 5oz bottles but has been putting weight on

    today ive found out fayes feeds are now...
    7am jen feeds her a pudding :S
    8am bottle
    11am bottle
    2pm half jar of food
    3pm bottle
    6pm half jar food
    9pm bottle

    ive had her on this today but as the day has gone on faye has been quite groany like shes really full

    im not quite agreeable with this but its something i have really to follow as this is what jen is doing so i have to do the same but faye seems to be sleeping more and not wanting to spend too much time playing

    can someone give me some advice on this as i just feel shes getting a little too much to start with...
    even if i can change something around that would benifit faye then im happy with that...

    what ive done is insted of giving her a bottle 1 hour after her food ive just offered her a bottle and let her take as much as she wants as 1 hour after a bottle it leaves me with no time to go out or anything to take her out...

    any advise would be most great thanks:)
  2. moondrops

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    how old is Faye?
  3. elephant29

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    How many oz in each bottle is she taking? My LO is 7.5 months and she takes 4 bottles through the day, 5oz each with a bedtime btl of 7 oz. Sometimes she will drop her lunchtime btl if she's full, I dont force her.

    7am bottle then leave it for around 1.5 hours then offer her a small bowl of porridge. This is much more filling and more ntional than a dessert and if your LO is being weaned with jars then porridge will be easy for her to eat and wont be too heavy.

    I tend to offer my LO a bottle before food. The reason being if she is hungry (for milk) she wont really eat her solids and milk is sooo much better for them at this young age that any food can ever be.

    If you dont think your LO is ready for this amount and is very full during the day, cut back a little. If you give her her bottles first she may not need the food or as much of it.


  4. Mum2b_Claire

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    That seems like a lot of food for a 4 month old to me.
    Fair enough go by what your gf has asked you to feed her but if you get any cues from your daughter that she is over full then cut back the quantities a bit. Also at that age it's generally best to offer milk before food, because they should be having as much milk as they want, not filling up on food, because food is not what they need at this age, milk is.
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    My LO is currently on the below, shes not quite 4 months yet but have been weaning her because of docs..

    6.30am 7oz
    9.30am 7.oz
    10am roughly 5 spoons of rice
    1pm 7.oz
    4pm 7oz
    5pm roughly 5 spoons of pureed fruit or veg (2 ice cubes as i freeze it)..
    7pm bath, ready for bed
    7.30pm 7.oz and bed

    She has naps at 7am-9am and the 1.30pm-3pm

    Milk is more important at this age, so offer milk then top up with a bit of baby rice or pureed something after..

    Hope that helps... A little :S

    This is what she will be on until 5 months maybe 5.5 months.

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