Im back and that didnt answer anything!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Sam9kids, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Sam9kids

    Sam9kids Guest

    Been to see the consultant today.

    Everything fine and he did a mini scan. Im 19 weeks but measuring 20!

    All else ok.

    I questioned him about the fact that my last 3 were prem and getting earlier at that. He said i was more at risk, but His answer? Come back in 9 weeks and we will see whats happening!!:wacko:

    So im still none the wiser!
  2. mrsty

    mrsty Pregnant with #2

    Jul 7, 2009
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    oh no! ! do they realise 9 weeks is nearly the time you had your last!?!?!?!?!? youd think they'd monitor you more frequently.. even in Day assesment? i have been told to go 3 times a week for bloods and ctg once im passed 24 weeks..

    Sorry you didnt get the answers you wanted :hugs: xx
  3. twinklestar

    twinklestar 2 boys nd 2 girls

    Jan 9, 2009
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    oh really thats rubbish hun, im not impressed with my care but at least they are checking growth and cervix 6 weekly and im having the steroids for lung maturity at 28 weeks

    can you ask for another opinon?

  4. Sam9kids

    Sam9kids Guest

    I know its crap isnt it! He was really like yeah whatever about it all!

    Erm ive had 3 prems in a row all getting earlier and he thinks its nothing?

    Got the mw in Jan so will talk to her i think
  5. RSbabe

    RSbabe Guest

    Thats was really unhelpful
  6. kermie219

    kermie219 Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2009
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    It is so frustrating the way they act sometimes! Definately talk to your midwife UGH sorry about that!
  7. jess_smurf

    jess_smurf Angel Kristian & Olivia

    Nov 25, 2008
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    i would speak to PALS at your hospital if your not happy with that and they will ask for better care they can help you
  8. bexxie

    bexxie Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2006
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    Crap isnt it

    I got told if I fly I run risk of bleeing to death great huh? Luckily MW said dont worry what they said they are over=protective

    I have low-lying placenta which most people have til 20 weeks anyway

    Oh Hun what a shit.
  9. Sam9kids

    Sam9kids Guest

    Thanks girls. My mw said i will almost def have another prem as my cervix is obviously weak.

    Last time i was having shows from 27 weeks and they tried to fob me off. I demanded steroids and i went into labour at 30 weeks! I knew best!

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