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    So, I am due on Friday (18th), went to my OB appointment today. I was hooked up to a machine for a non stress test for almost an hour...it was showing I was having contractions. They did a cervix check on me, and she couldn't even reach the cervix. The past other times, she has been able to (even though I felt like she had to break my pelvis to get to it haha) For the past two weeks though, I have been 1 cm dilated and that is it. She did say it felt like I was softer though.

    So, I'm scheduled to go back to the hospital on Friday and she is planning on me going to the hospital Monday night to be induced. I must admit, I'm quite disappointed. At first when she brought it up, I wasn't because I had a feeling that my body wasn't ready. But then again, I have gestational diabetes, so I thought I wouldn't be let over my due date. And I really don't like the idea that my week off from college I get to spend half of it in the hospital. I'm really irritated that we will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. Im just frustrated about it that I've cried a lot about it. And of course the MIL don't help with her (well I was a week over due with son), and the husband isn't exactly helping, as he said "he'll come when he's ready". I totally agreee that he will, but it's NOT what I want to be told. Just make a big fat nice lie for me lol. STRESS is not something I need in my last week and things like that doesn't help.

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