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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Pix, Oct 11, 2013.

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    This may be long but the short of it is this; can antibiotics delay your period? I'm not sure how I feel about this but I'm going to go into a bit more detail here and hope someone can help me out or share your own experience before I go crazy.

    Cd 3 I got really sick. High fever. Ect.
    Cd 4 every sicker.
    Cd 6 diagnosed with bronchitis. Given amoxicillin and prednisone and told if nothing clears in 4 days to come back.
    Cd 11 go back. And get chest X-ray. Pneumonia. Yah??... Out on strong antibiotic. Levaquin.
    Cd 13. Dh an I miss each other. And dtd. Figure cuz of all the meds nothing would happen. Really I can be that naieve. Never expected to ovulate. As the opks never turned positive.
    Cd 14. Bad feeling I may have made an ignorant mistake. Were weren't trying but not preventing. Figure I better fill in stats on ff just in case. Check cervix. Uhh. Ewcm. Is this possible?? Squishy cervix and completely open. Pain in side after that.
    Cd 14 still Ewcm. Figure if it happens. It happens. Most likely ovulated this day or the next.
    Cd 17 2dpo diagnosed with pleurisy. Aleve treatments. Every 12 hours.
    Cd 19 4dpo on appt. all clear. Gives me diflucan to prevent yeast infection. Repeat in one week. This day I start a weird cm 'issue' I'm drowning in it. So much!! This continues all week. Until cd 24 9dpo
    Cd 26 11dpo period due. Today. Tomm. Or following.
    Cd 29 14dpo. Officially late. Yep short LP.

    Neg pregnancy tests.
    No symptoms truly. Except cm. and cp. and redic cramping.
    Temps still up. Ect.

    Any thoughts would be more than welcome. I never go past 27 days. Not since I was in my early 20's with a 40-50 day cycle. I wouldn't be sad at all to be pregnant and truly hope for it. But I can't imagine it being true with all these damn meds. And I didn't stop them because while I would be hopeful to be pregnant I knew it truly wasn't logical with only one bding even if it was the day before ovulation. I have had annovulatory cycles. And usually check all my 'stuff' like an obsessed mechanic. I know I ovulated by the cp, cm, and cramping.

    Note. I never tested positive till I was 2 months with my other kids.

    Sorry this is so long. I want to have hope but truly think it is the meds.
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    yes it has happened to me!
    but the doctor told me because i insisted that the antibiotics caused my delay he said that its not the meds!!!
    actually its the stress you go through and the anxiety plus the temporary depression staying inside and not doing your routine when knowing you are ill and your body must fight it...
    because of this the ovulation is delayed or the egg grows and grows without breaking since the stress affects your hormones required for ovulation so no ovulation no period or late ovulation late period...

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