In the 2ww. CD19, what are my chances?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by cherryglitter, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Hi girlies!
    I've started to keep track of my symptoms now, this is my first month doing so! Just wondering what you ladies thought about what i've experienced so far!

    LMP = 2nd of August [this period was 3 days late, was due on the 30th!]

    CD: 13 BD.
    CD 14 16/08/2009: BD. movement in right hand side of womb. [slight cramping] feeling wet. (ov)
    CD 16: BD. Legs up against wall! Haha!
    CD 17:felt one sharp [not painful] movement in right hand side of womb. BD.
    CD 18: very white creamy cm. BD.
    CD 19 21/08/2009: dry. Niggling in boobs. Very hot flushed cheeks. Feels like dripping, but nothing there! Lower back ache. Urinating a lot, x5 and itÂ’s not even 7pm yet! Drank 1 pint of ribena and 2x cups of tea! Tired. FMU was very cloudy, [graphic but like milkshake!]

    Let me know :D!

    love x x:kiss:

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