Infection in old scar while pregnant

Discussion in 'Caesarean Section' started by Sparkles_94, Jul 1, 2020.

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    Can anyone please help me I’m 24 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a stickiness, yellow pus, and a smell to my old scar (3 previous c sections)

    The nurse told me she thinks it’s fungal and has prescribed me fucidin cream which I am to put on twice a day. I remember using this when I had a fungal infection after my son but it didn’t work and I don’t have much hope for it working this time. I hate using any creams, antibiotics etc while pregnant incase it harms the baby and I hate applying it. It doesn’t seem to be helping at all yet

    I’m so worried I’m going to have issues with this all the way through and it’s going to get through to the baby and harm her. Has anyone got any experiences like this I feel like I’m the only one even my midwife said she hasn’t seen this in someone who’s pregnant

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