Irrational fear

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by girlnboots, Oct 12, 2013.

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    Dec 20, 2010
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    The closer I get to having this baby, the more I get completely irrationally terrified that she is somehow deformed. Every check-up and ultrasound has been completely normal, but I can't seem to shake this fear that something is wrong with her.
  2. jellybeanxx

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    I think it's quite a common worry! I worry a lot about my baby as I've stayed on a small amount of one of my bipolar meds even though there's no recorded problems with that med and he's been perfect in all 5 scans. I'd probably be worrying even if I wasn't on medication. Growing a human is such a big and complex task it's hard to believe our bodies can get it all right but they can! I know for me the worry won't go away until I've seen him developing okay when he's born but just wanted to tell you that you're not alone even if I can't give you anymore peace of mind xx
  3. Oasis717

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Even though my risk of problems was 1 in 1147 I still am worried and will be until I have him which won't be long now! I think my age has a lot to do with it and all the negativity surrounding older mums and problems. I've not had one problem this pregnancy except he's being stubborn!! But I do worry and will worry until I see him so I do understand. I do tr to push it to the back of my mind but the closer I get the harder that is xxx

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