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    Zack hasn't started potty training yet. I've debated it but I don't think he is ready - he doesn't tell you if he needs a poo/pee, if you ask he will say no regardless and even if you know he has done one in his nappy when you ask he will say no. He does know where mummy and daddy do the toilet (and even the dog lol!) and when you are changing his nappy he will say what he has done. I just don't feel he is ready yet so I am going to wait a bit longer. My mum kind of pushed it and I said why I don't want to start yet and she backed off. OH's family have asked quite alot - too much for me considering we are far from close and we barely speak. I've told them the same thing. Now I have just found out that they have a potty at their house for him. They are trying to tell my OH that he sits on the potty by himself with his clothes on and says poo and starts squeezing and they are taking his clothes off and trying to get him to do it himself. I feel like i'm a bit irrational as maybe I am wrong and he is ready but after i've specifically said numerous times that I want to wait and gave reasons they have just went behind my back and are now telling my OH that I am holding him back and causing him problems? It is with gritted teeth that he spends time with these people anyway but I feel like I am going to start limiting it even more. Is it just me or would anyone else feel a bit put out by that?
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    I would find it annoying, too. :hugs:

    I probably wouldn't limit interaction with his extended family, though. :flower:
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    well first off i would be pissed if someone else was trying to potty train my kids. I mean what on earth would give them the right unless you have already started and they are helping when your lo is in their care. I would mention something either to them or your oh saying he isnt ready and you will teach him when you think he is ready.

    Secondly he isnt even two. my son is about the same age as yours and ive barly thought about potty training him. He does tell me when he poops and where he pooped acually haha but i still dont think he is ready for it. My daughter was 2 years and 1 month when i potty trained her. There is no rush. My niece was fully potty trained around 3. There is nothing wrong with it. Its when the child is ready not because they had there kids potty trained by a year etc.
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    I don't think it's going to do your son any harm for them to give him some potty exposure. The problem is more that they're not respecting your parenting decisions. I suppose what they could have done would be to ask you if they could try some things and try to find something you're comfortable with, but ultimately, they need to respect your parenting decisions.
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    I would be very annoyed if someone was trying to potty train my lo without my consent.

    But that said so long as he is happy sitting on it and they're still ensuring he has a nappy on otherwise it's probably harmless and I wouldn't say anything for the sake of keeping the peace. If they're making him go round nappy free and he's then having accidents etc that will only make it harder for you to start potty training properly at the right time - if this is happening I'd ask them to stop. Say your hv advised against it or something.

    He's quite young to be starting potty training - while some toddlers start at his age or younger most start well past 2 years and training at 3 years is relatively common too. Boys especially tend to be ready later.

    Our little girl is 2 and a half and not ready yet. We've got a potty and given it a try (gently) every now and again but she's just not ready - she openly tells us she doesn't like it and wants a nappy on. She has friends who use the toilet at nursery (including her "best friend"!) and she sees me and hubby use the toilet, she knows about big girls wearing knickers etc but she still just isn't ready. Everything I've read says it's much much easier to potty train when they're ready - it should take a few days, whereas forcing it too early could be a process of months.

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