Is my child being defiant?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by kimmie_kisses, Oct 2, 2013.

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    In the last couple days my 18 month old son has become rather hard to handle. He has had a runny nose either due to a cold or teething, I'm not really sure which. His nose stopped running about 2 days ago. Now he usually fusses a couple minutes before going to sleep for bed or nap, but the last few days he has just screamed and cried for an hour before giving up and going to sleep. My husband thought he might have a sinus infection because of his crying and he also a couple times has held his hand against his left eye. We assumed it was sinus pressure. I took him to the ped this morning and she said to give him motrin and allergy medicine. I wasn't really happy with this advice, but we have another appt day after tomorrow.

    He also has been amazingly whiny also. I tell him no or take something away from him and he just screams and whines. Normally he would just fuss a little bit and get over it, but not the last few days. He also seems really tired almost all the time. I wonder if he's not getting a good quality of sleep.

    I don't know if he's just tired and uncomfortable or if he's really trying to push me.
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    I don't think young toddlers do anything with the intent of "pushing" their parents. They might be exploring boundaries or expressing frustration but they don't really have the necessary understanding of other people's emotional states to try and maliciously manipulate anyone.

    Whining and getting mad when you say "no" or take things away is pretty typical toddler behavior, and of course when a kid isn't feeling well that's going to make it worse. Hopefully once he's feeling better his moods will improve, but really the behavior you've described is very normal for his age. Honestly you're pretty lucky if this is the first time your son is getting upset about you doing things he doesn't like!
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    at 18 months old you may find this better answered in the toddler forum hunny

    but honestly i think you've answered your own question...hes either teething or unwell....hes not being defiant.

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