Is my mind playing an evil trick on me?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by MommyMaybe, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Hi everybody!!

    Ok so I'm 28yrs old & 10dpo. We aren't specifically trying, but if it happens, we'd welcome it with open arms. Anyway, I've been feeling a little weird & don't really have any knowledgable girlfriends to talk to, so I figured I'd ask on here :)

    -Now I don't know what my issue is, but I've been feeling all sorts of weird. On Monday (6-7 dpo) I started feeling these light single pain cramps (if that makes any sense) on my right, a little lower than my bellybutton. They lasted for about a day & a half and haven't felt them since.

    -Around the same time this cramping started, my CM was out of control. haha!! I actually had even checked myself a few times cause I thought I had gotten my period. (Just to give you an idea.)

    -I have this horrid taste in my mouth that scope will help alleviate for all of a minute, then it's back. Actually it's quite annoying. My gum consumption has increased a lot. haha!

    -Oh and I am a certified coffee junkie & the thought of drinking a cup of coffee grosses me out. People at work started asking why I haven't been drinking coffee & that's it's probably cause I'm pregnant, but I assure you, that's not my motivation. If I even smell coffee it repulses me. So I've started putting water in my "work" coffee cup with a lid so people won't ask all sorts of personal/invasive questions about my uterus. LOL

    -I've taken 2 PTs & both came out negative, but technically I haven't missed my P yet.. have 4 days to go.

    I'm sure there are plenty of experienced mommies on here, that can give me their maternal instinct on where they think I'm pregnant or not. I would seriously appreciate any input.

    Thanks so much!!

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