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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Anon Male, Jul 27, 2020.

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    I no longer use this forum and haven't done so in years. For reasons of data protection I have made a number of polite requests via the contact form to have my account deleted and personal data erased, however I have been met with silence.

    In this day and age data breaches are a concern to everyone, and an unused account left lingering on a website is a potential weakness in one's personal data security. It is all the more frustrating when, as a user, you can't do anything about it because site administrators are unresponsive to data protection requests. Another user I know has also requested their account to be removed, partly as their account on this website specifically was listed as being associated with a compromised password. It therefore ill-behooves administrators to ignore requests to cleanse out of date or unwanted personal data from their systems. They have similarly been met with silence - neither of us have received even an acknowledgement of our requests.

    Does anyone ever answer messages on that contact form? What does it take to get this account deleted, or at least have it locked and the personal data within it anonymised so it can't be abused in future?
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