is this a wonder week?????

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by milf2be, Nov 14, 2011.

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    heya ladies, my LO has gone a bit doolally the last few weeks. he is a very good baby, he STTN and usually very smiley and giggly.

    the last week or so hes been getting over tired (i think!!) very easily and all of a sudden, when playing, he will scream and scream and its taking longer and longer to settle him and get him to sleep. he never used to sleep during the day, but now hes having around 4 naps a day.

    he generally just doesnt seem very happy, he will smile and giggle still, but nowhere near as much as he used to.

    earlier he had a very light nap on me for about 30 minutes, then he woke up unhappy, i put him in his cot under his mobile, which calmed him down and i went and put the dinner in. OH came home about 5 minutes (if that) after i oput him in there and stuck his head over the cot and LO screamed :nope: we couldnt get him to calm down for ages, i ended up giving him some calpol just in case it was his teeth (i can feel 2 or 3 coming through) and after some rocking he calmed down.

    now im just very confused about whats wrong with him :nope: is he getting over tired? teething? a bit of both? ill? or something completely different??
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    Sep 27, 2009
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    According to ww they go through a leap at around 14.5 weeks and it lasts around 5 weeks, my lo is as grumpy as anything, really needy and feeding often, she's also got a cold. Luckily oh has been off work this week but he's back tomorrow so I'm dreading dealing with this alone for the next few weeks!
  3. milf2be

    milf2be Guest

    That sounds about right. Forget the whole sttn thing too :( I'm really worried because I go back to uni next week and iv got an exam on 2nd that requires a lot of revision and if I'm shattered its just not going to go in :(

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