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    I'm 22 and ttc; HELP!

    Since I moved to NC, I have had a number of problems. Everything from STD's, PID (pelvic inflamtory disease), HPV, BV (bacterial vaginosis), number UTI's and bladder infections along with ovarian cysts. My fiance and I opted for me to go on BC when I moved here b/c at the time we were just starting out but unfortunately I could never remember to take the dang pills. Eventually as of late January, I just stopped taking them all together. Since that time most of my problems prior have gone away except for the BV and UTI's and of course the cysts but b/c of these problems I unfortunately have to constantly go to the doctor and ER to get treated. That of course requires regimens of pain killers and various antibiotics. My question is: I have been off of birth control a significant enough time now (and honestly wasn't taking it the way I should have been to begin with) why is it that I have no luck in getting pregnant? I have heard that taking alot of antibiotics can affect your system and throw off your cycles, but unfortunately I have all these health problems.
    Any advice one could give regarding taking meds or maybe something I need to look into getting tested/checked/treated would be great. I am just frustrated with going to the doc all the time. I just want to be normal.

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