Jubilee Birth Centre - so impressed!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Club' started by aimee-lou, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Hi guys,

    I know we've only been once but I just can't stop singing the praises of the Jubilee Birth Centre in Hull. All the dealings I have had with them have been really easy, no waiting in queues or dealing with snotty receptionists. Just nice people to deal with you then and there.

    The centre itself is light, airy and really homely. You can bring in your own food and drink, there's always toast and cereal and you can have visitors at any time, day or night, (within reason of course) - Dad can even stay with you in the ward if it's not too busy! :thumbup:

    The staff are lovely.....I was a touch worried as I've transferred my care to them. You know how it is when you first get pregnant you have no idea how it will go or how healthy you will be. Luckily, I am looking like I'll be good for their criteria and will be able to go (36 week check pending!). They are all so friendly and don't make you feel like it's a privilege to be there....its your right to have your birth....I really do feel like it's a home birth without the clean up! :lol:

    They have 2 water birthing suites (really want a water birth!) and they want hubby to get as involved as possible. You have to go for an additional ante-natal at the facility so that you can learn the layout and ask questions specific to them.....2 hours on a Sunday - when all the Dad's can make it too! There's even a treasure hunt so if Dad is sent off during the birth to find a certain object he will know where to find it! He'll be like one of the team which I think he really likes the idea of. Oh and he has to pack his trunks as he will be in the water with me! :cloud9:

    I've had to shift my appointments and they just did it....no questions or worries, just whatever's good for you!

    If you have a 'birth centre' in your area I would thoroughly recommend you look into it! My MW said that once I've given birth there I wont want to leave....I can see what she means! I really hope that all will be well at 36 weeks, I see no reason why it shouldn't be. Just keeping fingers firmly crossed! [-o<

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    Wow that sounds fantastic, I really want to have LO there:cry:

    Though am really really sure they wont let me, due to complications in my last pregnancy, you must be really looking forward to having LO now for the fab experience, good luck hun :hugs:

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