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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by wannabmum, May 24, 2007.

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    Hi :hi: ,
    Sorry for the little outburst of self pity I had in my last post in New to the forum could I b preg, just this journey been a rollercoaster of emotions :blush: anyway Not sure what to make of this as not quite sure wheather i believe this stuff but here it goes, Just spoke to a 'physicic' David James on Kasamba don't know what made me but anyhow he said alot of personal stuff how I had bn feeling mooods etc and about OH & bout our business that there is no way he could know which was spooky then I asked him if I was preg he said he couldnt say for sure but could see I defo would be soon I asked just out of interest the sex but he says the sex is the wrapping so to speak he can only see the spirit, he didnt say if it would be first preg or not but also said he see's us having twins and there are twins in my family my mums mum had twins my sis also has twins so anyway just thought would sare it dont know what to think just spooky some stuff he said now I look like looney :rofl: !

    Stacey xxx

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