just started crying on phone to midwife omg

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MummyMummy, Apr 15, 2009.

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    i phoned about parent craft classes as own midwife said that i could still attend them. turns out they are only on at end of may.i'm due 6th june. they said it no pointme even attending, not even just 1. i know nothing. f.a. i can't remember with 1st i was that outta it with the gas and air and pethidine, yes i know your body knowswhat it has to do but i'd sure love a bit of a clue.

    then i thought i don't even know if i want a hospitalor home birth. the midwife booked me in for 1 at my only appointment with her aweek or so ago, andsaid next appointment i can discuss it with another midwife.that appointment next week i think. that don'tgive me alot of time to decide, think about it. obv i have been thinking about it, but i need the info off my local midwifes, what their procedure is etc etc. receptionist said she'd get the midwives to phone me about a homebirth.

    within 10mins of putting phone down the homebirth midwives phoned and asked when do i want them to come around and i started crying because the house is a complete mess and i don't want annybody coming around, but she assured me that it was ok, they don't care about the house, just me and baby :(

    i am really worrying because i know nothing about giving birth and haven't even decided where to have baby :'( i'm scared i'll end up half way to hospital, half way from home because i've not got a clue what's best.

    i don't even know weather we are going to be moving or not before baby due, we need somewhere biggar and baby due in 8 weeks, but could be 5weeks as 37classed as fullterm, or 7weeks till 39weeks which was when 1st son was born. gosh i'm sat here feeling so scared and worried and tearful :'( argued with mr.man at dinner as he came home with an attitude (not sure why?) and he's apparently viewing the 3bed house we are interested in now (appointment was for 4.30pm dunnoif he's gone though?) cause i said i didn't wanna go with him cause i was 'tired' aka didn't wanna be around him :(

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    oh dear...sounds like ur having a bit of a bad day :hug:

    try listing/ writing down pros and cons to home and hospital birth. i did this and found it easier to work out what i wanted- i was feeling a bit mash potato brained abt the whole thing so i found the writing bit help. i also read up stuff on homebirth.org. i havent spoken to my midwife about it yet though so dunno what she's gonna say abt it.

    hope this helps and hope u feel better soon xxx
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    Just make sure you ask loads of questions when they come round to see you. And write down a question everytime you think of one and then just shoot them at the midwives - they don't mind, it's what they are there for!

    TBH, altho I went to all my parentcraft classes, I learned nothing new and I'm first timer!! Everything they said I'd either read on here or other baby related websites. I really don't think you're missing much hun, altho I can understand why you feel like you are by not going - I know I'd feel the same xx
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    My parentclass was just the one session, and I had it a few weeks ago and have almost forgotten it all lol. I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know to be honest, altho did change my opinion on pain relief. I really wanted to go to view the birth pool in our hospital but a lady was giving birth in it at the time, so I wasn't aloud. I know how you feel tho, you just having a bad day hun, right all your concerns down and talk to your mw. I would love a home birth but have decided to go with the water birth at hispital as our hospital is quite a drive up the motorway so think as its our first it might be best for me to be at hosp if anything was to go wrong. I was in tears earlier when the gas man rang to tell me our heating and water would still not be fixed today, we have been waiting a week now and i am seriously a woman on the edge!!

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