Kate McCann could be charged

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Jo, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I just wanted to add my opinion to this whole insane mess of what happened to poor Madeline.

    Coming from the US and not really knowing how the police over in the UK or wherever this happened (sorry I'm not a geography person) works. I 100% believe that her parents had NOTHING to do with her "death" or disappearance. I know that at least here in the US authority figures will jump to the quickest conclusion just to say they solved the case. I hate that the McCann's are having to deal with this whole mess and most days I wish there was something I could do. It terrifies me to even think about going on a vacation now.

    Nothing in this story adds up, I cant even think of how the police could think that her parents could hide a body for 24 days there is no way on earth that would be possible. I agree that there was way too much publicity. I really commend her parents for making this as public as they could, I think its the only real way of saving her. Get her face and your face out there so people know you and your an everyday discussion. Don't let this fall through the cracks as an unsolved mystery or even as a wrongful conviction. I know if it was my child I would be doing the same thing. Yeah I would be a wreck but how else are you suposed to make sure things are being taken care of? You have to be right up there on the front lines dealing with it. They are very strong people for being so good about this.

    I truly hope they find her alive or at least find her body so her parents can say goodbye to her properly. I think they have suffered enough.

    The police need to quit dilly dallying around and get out there and find the real suspect and the man or woman who is still out there and probably waiting to strike again. There are too many missing children out there we don't need to add more to the list by chasing after evidence that dosent add up.

    (Sorry to go on so long just thought I would share some good ole USA faith in the McCann's!!!)

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