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    Sep 22, 2006
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    Well finally got time to sit and do my story (so long as Kayleigh stays asleep). Saw the consultant who said everything was ok for induction, and he did a membrane sweep. He said he could break my waters but he wouldn't do it that day. Had contractions all afternoon until early evening when they stopped, so had a bath. Had to phone hospital the following morning at 6.30am to make sure they weren't too busy. Didn't sleep much that night as i was too excited and scared.

    Phoned labour ward at 6.30am and all ok to go in at 8 am. Was put on the monitor initially to make sure everything ok then one of the hospital midwives did an exam and said she couldn't break waaters and so i had prostin tablet inserted. Was told if it didn't work they would insert another 6 hrs later. Was then placed on monitor again. After awhile started getting niggling contractions every 10 mins or so. After an hour taken of monitor and advised to walk about as best i could as gravity would help speed things up. This didn't seem to work as contractions stopped but as soon as i sat down, they started again! As the morning progressed contractions grew stronger and more frequent.
    I was examined at about 2.15 where i was deemed to be in active labour and a mw from my team took over my care. I was monitored hourly and she kept asking if i wanted pain relief which i declined as i was coping ok without.

    By 5pm the contractions were much closer together and mw felt i didn't need further prostin. The contractions were more painful and i was getting a dull ache on pubic bone. MW decided not to examine me until 7pm just b4 she changed shift at 8pm. By this time the contractions were painful about 30-40secs apart and the dull ache was now intense pain, which the mw said was possibly due to head! The pain was so severe i found it difficult to be in any position, and was reluctant to let them examine me.

    MW broke waters at 7pm, to try to speed things up as she said i was only about 4cm dilated still. The contractions intensified i really couldn't cope with that on top of the pelvic pain. I said i wanted epidural but mw was try gas and air. She was pretty adamant that i try it so i did. It did nothing for the pain especially the pelvic pain, and i really didn't like it either. So i insisted on epidural. By this time i was in tears with pain and apologising to DH for being
    a wimp. He was brillant telling me i wasn't (felt a wuss as have had 2 children before without pain releif and this time i was screaming for epi). DH was saying to mw how i must be in real pain as i have a high pain threshold and so must
    really need the epidural. At this point mw phoned for anaesthetist and dr to do epi. They arrived really quick and the dr was putting in drip in case it was needed, when i had urge to push. I thought it can't be as was only 4cm dilated.
    MW offered to examine me again but i said no. It was bad enough getting to edge of bed for them to site epi, without having to move again. I then got another contraction and knew i needed to push. I got DH, Dr ,student DR and 2nd mw (as changing shifts) to get me onto bed. I had husband holding one leg and him telling student dr to hold other leg to stop me from separating them too much. Four pushes later and my darling daughter arrived at 8.17pm. It was fortunate the room was large as i had 2 midwives, anaethisatist (looking like a spare part), Dr, student Dr,and DH there.

    Had loads of time in delivery suite with DD b4 being transfered to ward for the night.

    Hope this makes sense as i'm suffering from sleep deprivation at the moment!
  2. Imi

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    Awww what a lovely story .... CONGRATULATIONS on no pain realif ... braver than i am hun!

    Sounds like a really good birth, you sound like you did really really well.

    Congratulations again, shes beautiful!
  3. Trinity

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    Aww lovely story .. congratulations hun :hugs:

    Cant believe no pain relief .. but I have such a low pain threshold that I want pain relief as soon as I get there .. lmao :dohh:
  4. Cat

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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Great storey hun, cant believe you went from 4cm to fully dilated just over an hour later! its got to make you wonder if that examination they did at 7 was right. Cause it would seem funny for your to be in active labour for that number of hours without dilating at all!
  5. Tam

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Well done babe, you did great!!! x
  6. FJL

    FJL Heartbroken after m/c

    Apr 3, 2007
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    Wow, you're VERY brave to have gotten through all of that pain without pain relief - what a woman!!!

    I'm so glad you and your beautiful new daughter are happy, safe and healthy.

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