*knock knock* can I have a rant please?!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by anjadoem, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Ok, so sent for GD test last wk due to bmi being 0.03 over!!. Thought it was the drink one, no it was prick finger and test blood for 2 wk one. ?!
    Had 2 high results and if that happened was told to ring a number. Did. They got back to me and said I need to come in to clinic on Friday. Me 'do I need to bring anything?' them 'no- justca chat about diet'
    Then tonight I get a call saying they need to book me 2 growth scans!!
    At no point at all has anyone said what 2 high results mean. Do I now have GD?! If so, why, what happens now etc etc!
    I am totally in the dark. Just feel like a number.
    And they keep getting my due date wrong as it was put back a week at 12 wk scan!!!
    Over it.
    Thank u for reading my rant!
  2. mons75

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Sorry no idea, hope someone else knows. Feel free to rant!!! xx
  3. Brieanna

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    My doctor gives all ladies the drink gd test here regardless of bmi so I really can't help you with that but it seems like they aren't keeping you very informed about your situation. I don't think it is that uncommon t get 2 high results, especially if you have just eaten something high in sugar or carbs, but I am not sure if that means you have gd.

    If you do have gd, then it might be something you can control with your diet pretty easily by watching what you eat. 30 weeks seems a bit late to get the gd test, but my guess would be the reason they want to do growth scans is because babies born to mothers who have poorly controlled gd tend to be very large so maybe they are checking on that?

    As far as changing the date, they changed my date a week later after I had my first scan so I think that is fairly normal.

    It seems like they really need to keep you more informed and I am sorry they are treating you like a number. Hopefully you get some answers. :)

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