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Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Kentgal, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Well the time has come that ive dreaded -My Endo and PCOS are back with a vengence and im so upset ! After the MC and Chemical we were hoping it would keep at bay until Xmas which is when we were going to start trying again as we have a holiday of a lifetime booked to Australia for 3 1/2 weeks which is where the dilemma begins!

    Now i know its back and im suffering we are wondering if we should try for next coudpl of months and if were lucky enough to catch i would be 3-4 months pregnant when go to Oz - but not sure if could handle being pregnant in Oz but then also dont want to leave it and have lots of probs falling!

    What would you do ? Try and go to Oz preg or wait until Dec to try?

    Thanks girls xx
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    Australia is Western, so it doesn't seem likely that you would have an issue with food or water contamination, though as always it's possible. Feeling bad while pg is also worth considering (how flexible is your program?). You may feel sick or exhausted or you may be fine.

    DH and I bought cancellation insurance with our vacation to Sri Lanka in October. I will cancel if I get pg before then (though I'm not expecting it). But Sri Lanka is a lot more risky than Australia.

    In any case, super fabulous about the vacation! :yipee:
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    It is of course a personal decision, but since you are asking...

    I would put ttc on hold. That is only four months of a break, which is a very small amount of time in a lifetime. I know I cancelled many things due to ttc and hoping to be pregnant at the time. Well 3 years of ttc and now I have probably another year of medical steps before I might be able to be pregnant through ivf. I feel there has to be a balance in life and ttc. Enjoy your trip then get back to it.

    Best wishes no matter what you decide.

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