Life after a Chemical Pregnancy.

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by babydust92, Feb 11, 2019.

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    I guess I'm writing this post because when I search online I feel alone. All I can find is "my period went back to normal" or "I got pregnant literally straight after". That however isn't the case for me.

    I had a chemical pregnancy in October 2018 and I had high hopes for conceiving because all I would read was how fertile you are after and how you can just jump back on the horse etc. I was devestated but I thought of the future.

    So after my chemical pregnancy bleeding was over I had a typical period around the usual time but after that cycle things started to get messy to the point I couldn't sort my calendar out, never knew when I was ovulating or when my period was expected. It made it hard during the two week wait. O think it was a week before my period was 'due' and I started to spot brown blood. I was a fool and I got my hopes up. It became heavier and redder after 5-6 hours. I was gutted. So my period was a week early. I tried. To sort my calendar out so I would know when to expect my next one. The next cycle I had a surge of symptoms which were very unusual to the point both myself and my partner got out hopes up. Four days before my period was due I started bleeding lightly which turned heavier. The cycle after that I was on CD 19 and I spotted light pink blood twice. It disappeared and for many many hours it didn't return.. yeah, I got my hopes up only for them to be dashed. That was the first time in my entire life I had a 19 day cycle.

    Has anything like this happened to you?
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    I’m sorry about your chemical. My cycles seemed to get weird after my chemical in September. I was temping and the cycle after my temps were all over the place. My cycles seemed to be getting shorter. I did have a 19 day one not that long ago. So I totally understand you. I started taking opks and realizing I ovulate early in my cycle so that’s why mine were getting shorter. Do you take opks or temp? I found temping stressful but I decided to do it this cycle because I just had a 28day one and I haven’t had that long of one in a while. But I ovulated early again this one so I think they will go back to 23-25 days

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