Light sleepers?

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by PreggyEggy, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Do any of you have light sleepers, and what do you do?

    Poppy used to be like a zombie when she slept, you could shout to someone across the house and she wouldn't stir. Now you only have to turn over in bed, and she wakes up!

    It's difficult, because we live with my inlaws, and they talk quite loudly in the mornings in the bathroom, which is right next to us, and outside our door and she'll wake up and be very upset. We also tend to go to bed later then her, but the last 4 nights she's woken up every time we snuck in to bed.

    I know she's not waking for food, as she used to do 11-7 and when she does wake up, she'll only nibble at the boob to help her get back to sleep.

    I desperately want her to stay in our room past the recommended 6 months, but I just don't see how it'll work. :nope: I don't even know how we're going to get to 6 months!

    Tonight I'm going to try playing a track of white noise on loop while she's asleep and see if that helps. :dohh:
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    Hmm difficult. We had to move LO into her own room at 3 half months as she was a light sleeper. When she was born she slept so soundly until she got colic, then every little noise woke her up so we ended up tip toeing around her.

    We ended up moving her to her own room at 3 half months as we kept distrubing her and she slept sooooooo much better in there. She loves all the space in her cot and loves her room.

    Now we no longer tip toe and she sleeps thru most things.

    It may be the best thing u can do for ur LO to move her to her won room?

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