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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by LadySekhmetDJ, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Just a little rant.

    I cycle...a.l.o.t. It's my getaway, it's my exercise of choice. All year I've been working on getting better on hills and speed. I've notice a huge improvement over the months, and I'm really proud of myself.

    However...all that work went to naught. (is that the proper way to say that?)

    I couldn't ride for a couple weeks due to being sick and didn't know I was pregnant and was suffering from "tummy troubles"...of course I was...I was growing a baby in there!

    After a while, I went back on my bike, and suddenly my speed and my endurance was SHOT. I am struggling on the hills because I get out of breath easily. I feel like I am a beginner cyclist all over again.

    I was supposed to do somewhat a long ride as a team this weekend, but sadly, I have to back out because I would be struggling on the hills and I would be going super slow to keep from over exerting myself. It's not fair to me or the team. If it was a much shorter ride, I probably could do it without any issues, but it's a long ride. While I'm super excited and looking forward to being a first-time Mom, I'm just a bit bummed on how much of a toll it took on my body.

    Because I cannot put in as much work in cycling as I used to, I'm going to try to do more leg strengthening workouts and arm workouts (would love to get rid of those ugly bat wings!). I definitely will keep up with riding and ride in the trainer (easy as I can ride indoors and just sit upright) until I can't really ride anymore and give up cycling until after the baby's born.

    Second rant...I feel so FAT and bloated! :-( I'm only in my 9th week, and showing slightly, but man, I got a pouch showing and my jeans are already feeling slightly tight/uncomfortable.

    Third rant - emotional roller coaster has started. *cries* *bouncing off the walls* *impatient*

    Yeah...I am sure I'm pregnant...:wacko:

    Anyone here had to stop doing what they loved to do or had to reduce the amount of workout they do because of pregnancy?
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    Hugs. Your life is going to change and this is the start if it, good news is your endurance will improve, not sure what the advice is about endurance cycling when pregnancy, but you should feel better and have more energy soon. When babies placenta takes over it's usually less exhausting.

    Your body is going to change though, and it's hard, I remember being so shocked at my body after my first and then after twins, well ... Let's say it will NEVER be the same again. It can be depressing. But it's so worth it and you can get your fitness back, it's not gone forever. Like most things you may need to work at it again, but you will get there, my dad just turned 60 and still weekly goes for his 50+ mile cycle runs! ok he can't keep up with the lead groups anymore but he does it.

    Take a deep breath, your body is doing amazing things and although it's great to push your body to its limits pregnancy is not the time to do it, and before you know it you will have that baby in your arms and your body back in your control.


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