LO 10 weeks, still bleeding with pain and feel let down by hospital.

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by katstar, Jan 31, 2011.

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    well i am still bleeding after birth. My gp is not happy with this and last monday referred me back to hospital. I could not get in to see anyone till tomorrow but as it was not bad bleeding nor did i have pain, i thought this would be ok.
    Wednesday the pain started. It was really bad. Enough to double me up and make me cry. Thursday it was the same and my oh wanted me to go to a & e but with the baby and 7 year old in bed, i did not think it was an option. Took some strong pain killers and went to bed. Friday the pain started again. It was bad so off to a & e i went who referred me straight up to the gynea ward. The doctor said they could not do anything as it was the weekend and i needed a scan and with me not bleeding heavy, not having a fever or was being sick, she thought i was ok to go home.
    Saturday the pain continued and what was light flow turned really heavy. Changing a pad every 30 mins at one point. But still no fever or vomiting so i thought i was ok.
    Today i got pain so bad i could not move, really heavy flow with clots. I went back to a & e and i was sent back to the ward. Doctor did and exam was able to get some tissue from my cervix and he thought it may be bits of tissue left over from birth. I went for a scan which confirmed this. But they said they are leaving me and i can't have a d & c as the biggest peice is only 2cm's and it has to be 3cm's. :(
    I have to go back tomorrow to discuss the plan but i can't believe they won't take it out and leave it. I have been bleeding for 10 weeks now and the pain is getting worse. I don't understand why they won't help now they know the cause.
    Anyone been through this? Any ideas or thoughts?
    I just wanted to vent really and tell you i am concerned about it.
    Thank you for reading.
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    Sorry no advice, just wanted to send some :hugs: I cannot believe they cannot do more to help you! :nope:
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    Wow - having suffered a PPH 7 days after birth I can't believe this is how you are being treated!!

    Can you ask for a 2nd opinion? Go back to your GP? Is there another hospital near to you that you could go to?

    Jo xx

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