LOOONG Congrats Game R6

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  1. Ozdust

    Ozdust WTT & Waiting 4 a niece

    Dec 24, 2010
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    ROUND 1 @ https://www.babyandbump.com/just-fun/501514-looong-congrats-game-r1.html#post8496665
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    A year later, one of the triplets tells you she/his girlfriend is pregnant.

    Write a short diary entry from your point of view as a grandparent-to-be. What were the circumstances – was it planned? An accident with a condom? Irresponsibility? Rape? Were you shocked or did you expect it? Why/why not? Did you give your child advice or trust their own judgement?

    Six months later you’re at the hospital. You’re so proud of your child and the babies are gorgeous! (Oh yes, BABIES – after all, multiples run in the family!).


    Roll one 4-sided die once

    1 – twins
    2 – triplets
    3 – quads
    4 – quints

    Then roll one 3-sided die once to decide what babies first names are named after.
    1 – singers
    2 - actors
    3 – places


    Design a birth announcement for the babies, from your point of view, as a grandparent, to send to your friends and family. You can use https://www.widdlytinks.com/birth-announcements/, which is really simple. Add a photo if you can, many photography sites have suitable photos on.
  2. Ozdust

    Ozdust WTT & Waiting 4 a niece

    Dec 24, 2010
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    DW: Lily Olivia Dawson (35)
    DH: Samuel Joseph Taylor (37)

    DD/DD: Crystal Victoria/Vanessa Catherine (18.5)
    DD/DS/DS:Amelia Prudence/Timothy Parker/Christopher Paul (16)
    DD: Elizabeth Dora(10)
    DS: Gabriel Asher(8.5)
    DS: Nathaniel Andrew(18 mos)

    Jan 11, 2012-
    This morning before school, Mia told me I'm going to be a grandma. I knew this day would come but I never thought it would be this soon.
    My baby's having a baby!

    Feb 24, 2012-
    Mia is just over 16 weeks. This afternoon was her 2nd ultrasound and the doctor told us she's having triplets! I should have known, her being a triplet, but she's so young..

    July 29, 2012-
    It looks like it's time. Mia's been having contractions on and off for just over 12 hours, and it looks like they are getting consistently closer.

    August 2, 2012-
    It's official. I'm a grandma!

    Eden Ashlee- born July 30th at 6:27am
    Kristin Alyson- born July 30th at 6:31am
    Pascal Alexander- born July 30th at 6:33am

    As I sit and watch her with her babies, I can't believe how much she's grown up!
  3. fairy_gem

    fairy_gem Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2010
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    Me: Linnea Willow Merryweather (35)
    Mr Right: Gabriel Milson (37)

    DS/DS: Oscar Thomas & Rory Joseph (18.5)
    DS/DS/DS: Oliver Ronan, Rufus Shane & Sebastian Danny (16)
    DD: Elsie Clarabel (10)
    DS: Henry Quinn (8.5)
    DD: Phoebe Janette (18mos)

    Jan 11, 2012-
    Just before he went up to bed Seb confided in me that his girlfriend Jessica was pregnant.
    I was shocked at first and then i have to admit i was excited. Of course i was going to support him, he's my son. Seb and Jessica had been dating a while now so at least there was that, at least it wasn't a one night stand, not that i regret having my babies...Oscar and Rory.

    Feb 24, 2012-
    Jessie is just over 16 weeks now, she has a beautiful but very large bump!!. This morning she had an ultrasound and the doctor told us she's having quints!, she was terrified as to how she was going to cope, but at the same time she was so happy. Seb is still a bit shell shocked but they are stronger than ever right now and he knows the special bond that comes with being one of a multiple.

    June 1st, 2012-
    It's the day of Jessie's c-section, we are waiting in the waiting room for the news......

    I'm a nana!...i'm so proud of them both!!.
    All babies and mum are just fine!.

    G - Sofia Linnea - born July 29th at 1:10pm...Linnea obv after myself!.
    B - Sydney Gabriel - born July 29th at 1:12pm...Gabriel obv after Gabe!
    G - Sienna Iris - born July 29th at 1:15pm...Iris after Jessica's Grandmother.
    B - Phoenix James born July 29th at 1:17pm...James after Jessica's father.
    G - India Mary - born July 29th at 1:20pm...Mary after Jessicas mum.

    What beautiful babies...i cannot believe my baby boy is now a dad!.

    Birth Announcements by WiddlyTinks.com
  4. Elpis_x

    Elpis_x Long term WTT for #1

    Jan 20, 2011
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    DW: Rose Sophia Whitlock (Dawson) (35)
    DH: Alfie James Harrison Whitlock (37)

    DS: Eric Zachary Nicholas Dawson (18)
    DD: Erin Molly Paige Dawson (18)
    DD: Adelaide Clemency Faith Whitlock (16)
    DD: Aurora Felicity Grace Whitlock "Rory" (16)
    DD: Belle Serenity Hope Whitlock (16)
    ----- BF: Seth Isaac Jones (17)
    ---------- DD: Ella Victoria Rose Jones (newborn)
    ---------- DS: Freddie Seth Alfie Jones (newborn)
    DD: Mabel Lola Charlie Whitlock (10)
    DS: Tobias Jack Sebastian Whitlock "Toby" (8)
    DS: Milo Oscar Eli Whitlock (2)

    We were shocked to find out that 16 year old Belle was pregnant, she'd always been the quiet, timid one out of all the triplets, and it wasn't something we'd expected! She'd been with her boyfriend since the age of 14, with him being just 1 year older than her, so I was at least relieved that she wouldn't have to go through what I did, and would have the support of him. Although I was disappointed by the news, I was also very excited to become a grandmother, and of course offered my daughter all the support she could need, after all, I knew how it felt to be a young mum. After an ultrasound we discovered that Belle was carrying twins!

  5. FragileDoll

    FragileDoll Guest

    Me: Rose Jennifer Depp (35)
    Mr Right: Alex Mathew Kaiden (37)
    DS/DS: Kyle Logan/James Christopher (18.5)
    DS/DS/DS: Nick Owen/Jack Iglesias/Michael Johnson(16)
    Nick's GF: Isabella Gibbs
    DD: Anne Buttercup (10)
    DD: Julia Rose(8.5)
    DD: Alice Taylor(18 mos)

    Jan 11, 2012-
    This morning, Kyle told me I'm going to be a grandma. I'm so happy and can't wait for my grandchild to be here soon.

    Feb 24, 2012-
    Kyle is looking after his girlfriend very well. This ultrasound and the doctor told us she's having twins!

    July 29, 2012-
    It looks like it's time. The delivery is anytime soon, can't wait to hold my grandchildren in my arms.

    August 2, 2012-
    I'm a grandma!

    Angelina Clarkson - Born August 1
    Jacob Dawson - Born August 1

    [URL="https://www.widdlytinks.com"][IMG]https://img12.imageshack.us/img12/1196/blueargyle619435528.jpg[/URL] Birth Announcements by WiddlyTinks.com[/IMG]

    [URL="https://www.widdlytinks.com"][IMG]https://img810.imageshack.us/img810/8669/blackblue619438499.jpg[/URL] Birth Announcements by WiddlyTinks.com[/IMG]
  6. luciforms

    luciforms Well-Known Member

    Jun 5, 2010
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    Marguerite Bella Raine “Maggie” [35] and Kieran Benjamin Evans [37]

    our kids;

    Samuel James “Sam” [18]
    Nicholas Joseph “Nic” [18]

    Adelaide Verity “Addy” [16]
    - Miriam Cordelia “Mira”
    - Hazel Juliana
    - June Susannah
    - Iris Dorothea
    Calliope Felicity “Callie” [16]
    Winifred Amity “Winnie” [16]

    Louisa Fern “Lou” [10]

    Frederick George “Freddy” [8]

    Arthur Robert [2]


    Finding out Addy was pregnant after the condom broke was a massive surprise, but finding out she was pregnant with quads was an even bigger one! Thankfully the babies were all born happy and healthy, and we plan to help Addy with looking after them so she can finish school.

    She named the twins
    Miriam Cordelia and Hazel Juliana and June Susannah and Iris Dorothea.
  7. xSarahM

    xSarahM Two Beautiful Angels

    Apr 3, 2011
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    Me: Poppy Arianna Frost (35)
    Mr Right: Stuart Michael James Daniels (37)

    DD/DD: Evelyn Amelia Summer + Jennifer Arielle Sophia (18)
    DD/DD/DD: Aurora Hope + Calliope Faith + Belle Grace (16)
    DD: Marya Blue (10)
    DS: Alistair Ezra (8)
    DS: Ledger Joshua (2)

    January 15th -
    Today Rory (Aurora) told me she was going to the doctors after school with her friend because her friend was on the injection contraceptive. She's had a boyfriend for about 4 months now, but we keep condoms in the Bethroom cabinets and all the older girls know they're there. I got there and she got in the car and said, "Mum, please dont hate me." She handed me the sonogram! 12 weeks pregnant. I was not expecting that. We both cried and i said i would break the news to everyone if she wanted me to.

    February 12th -
    I took Rory to another scan today. Low and behold, there were twins! How on earth did the sonographer miss that on the first scan? I could have fainted. Breathe, Poppy, breathe.

    March 12th -
    20 week scan, everything looks great.
    Rory's having two.. Boys! Its great that we have stuff left over from Ledger that she can use!

    May 21st -
    Rorys been put on bedrest her boyfriend/FOB isnt so happy because he wants to be out partying with his friends every night.

    July 16th -
    After a 16.5 hour labour, Taylor Sparrow (7lbs 2 oz) + Robert Zachary (8lbs) entered the world, 10 minutes apart.
    On the plus side, George (Rory's boyfriend) has really come around!

    Birth Announcements by WiddlyTinks.com
    Birth Announcements by WiddlyTinks.com
  8. ElishaCook

    ElishaCook New Member

    Mar 19, 2015
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    Me: Poppy Vienna Carter *Lopez* (35)
    Him: Elliott Matthew Carter (37)
    DS/DD: Jesse Taylor & Ariel Paige (18)
    --DGS/DGS: Orlando James & Pheonix Ray (nb)
    DD/DS/DD: Nala Faith & Roscoe Kanye & Belle Amity (15)
    DD: Elizabeth Minnie "Liza" (9)
    DS: Tobias Reed "Toby" (8)
    DS: Riley William (1)

    Dear diary, today Ariel sat me down and told me that she was pregnant. Of course I was in complete shock, she has only been with her boyfriend Ryan for about 8 months but Ariel has always been very maternal and a part of me wasn't surprised. She swears the baby wasn't planned, that it was a missed pill that was to blame so Elliott and I have told her we are going to support her through anything. I am actually really excited about becoming a grandmother although I feel way to young. Ariel will make a good mother so I am not worried.

    Dear diary, the twins are here! Yes twins, after all multiples run in the family! She has had 2 boys, a handful but they are gorgeous. Ariel has named them Orlando James and Pheonix Ray. They were born at 11:40 and 11:46 in the morning and Orlando weighed 6lb and Pheonix weighed 5lb 8oz. They are healthy and happy :)

    Poppy and Elliott Carter with Jesse, Ariel, Nala, Roscoe, Belle, Liza,Toby and Riley!

    Ariel Carter with Orlando and Pheonix!
  9. kksy9b

    kksy9b 2 little boys and baby sister on the way!

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Me: Lily Grace Crewe (34)
    Mr Right: Koby Keith Hannigan (36)
    DS/DD- William Alexander/Jenna Christine (18)
    DS/DD/DD- Cooper John /Ellie Faith/Anna Grace (16)
    --DGD/DGD- Brooklyn Marie/ London Kate (NB)
    DD- Elizabeth Belle (10)
    DD- Clara Margaret (8)
    DS- Charles Louis (2)

    Cooper and his girlfriend told us that they are pregnant. Koby and I are in complete shock -they are only 16! They told us that their protection failed. It's difficult, but I'm learning to accept this.

    It's twin girls!

    They are here! Brooklyn Marie and London Kate- beautiful babies and this grandma's heart is full already.
  10. JammyJam

    JammyJam New Member

    Oct 27, 2017
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    Me: Peony Grace Miller, née Bailey (35)
    Mr Right: George Miller (37)
    DD/DD: Nina Beth & Cora Rose (18.5)
    DS/DD/DD: Rufus Vance, Elsa Hope & Cleo Faith (16)
    DD: Libby Skye (10)
    DS: Isaac Jack (8.5)
    DS: Rory Jude (18mths)

    DGD: Scarlett Grace (NB)
    DGS: Elijah Finn (NB)

    Jan 11th, 2012 -
    I found Cleo in tears this morning, she was very upset and insisted on staying off school so she could speak to me, so I kept her off school. We had a chat and she confided in me that she was pregnant, I was shocked, as we had put her on the contraceptive pill when she and her boyfriend of 6 months, Harry, first started dating. She explained that normally they used condoms as well but on one occasion they didn't, we think the pill failed due to Cleo having a vomiting bug around the same time. We worked out that she is roughly 10 weeks. I told her I would fully support her. Harry is scared, as is Cleo but he has said he wants to be with Cleo and raise the children together.

    Jan 27th, 2012 -
    We've just got back from Cleo's 12 week scan. Myself and Harry went with her. With multiples in the family, we were all prepared for the high possibility of Cleo having multiples herself...we were right to be, she's having twins! They are both still quite scared but bless them, they are closer than ever. We all got quite emotional, happy tears despite their worries.
    Harry's parents haven't taken it well, so he is now living with us.

    March 23rd, 2012-
    Today was the 20 week scan. They've had time to let it sink in now and are actually quite excited, as am I and the rest of the family.
    We found out the babies genders...one boy and one girl! Perfect!

    May 4th, 2012 -
    26 weeks and the names have been decided! Harry and Cleo have decided on...
    Scarlett Grace and Elijah Finn.
    Grace after me, which had me in tears! And Finn after Harry's younger brother who sadly passed away when he was only 2 years old.

    August 1st, 2012 -
    It's official. I'm a Nana!
    Scarlett and Elijah were born earlier today after a 7 hour labour. Cleo did so well, I'm so proud of her!
    Elijah came first at 6:27pm, then Scarlett
    at 6:30pm. We're all so in love!

    💖 Peony and George Miller with Nina, Cora, Rufus, Elsa, Libby, Isaac & Rory ❤️ Cleo and Harry with Scarlett and Elijah. 💖

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