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    I've tried to divide them in to themes...prices do not include p&p, which will be added at cost once they have been weighed :flower:

    Learning to teach using ICT in the secondary school by Marilyn Leask and Norbert Pachler £2.50 PENDING
    Essential teaching skills by Chris Kyriacou £2.50 PENDING

    Self help stuff that works by Adam Khan £5 SOLD
    I thought we’d never speak again by Laura Davis £1 SOLD
    Overcoming Depression by Paul Gilbert £2.50
    Overcoming Depression by Richard Gillett £2.50 SOLD

    Coins of England SPINK 2004 £2.50 PENDING
    The death of forever by Darryl Reanney £1 SOLD
    Knowing how to know by Idries Shah £10 SOLD
    Match with Mensa the complete quiz book by Marvin Grosswirth, Abbie Salny and Alan Stillson £1
    A level Computing by Pat Heathcote and Kevin Bond £2.50 SOLD

    The courage of one by Joseph Kralicek £5 SOLD
    The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot £5
    100 Questions and Answers about Liver Cancer, second edition by Dr Abou-Alfa and Dr DeMatteo £1
    6 weeks to Super Health by Patrick Holford £1

    Visual Perception 3rd edition by Bruce, Green and Georgeson £5 SOLD
    Biological psychology 5th edition by James W Kalat £1
    Psychology by Richard D Gross £1
    Psychology 4th edition by Gleitman £1
    Abnormal psychology 7th edition by Davidson and Neale £1
    Human Cognitive Neuropsychology by Ellis and Young £5

    Mosaics by Helen Baird £1
    Mosaic Techniques and Traditions by Sonia King £1
    Polymer Clay Mosaics by Krista Wells £1
    Polymer Clay Mosaics 15 Artistic Projects by Sue Heaser £1
    Fast Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser £1

    The Student Nurse Handbook by Bethann Siviter £5 SOLD
    The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, Student Edition, 7th Edition £10 SOLD

    The Heavenly Man with Paul Hattaway £1
    God’s chosen fast by Arthur Wallis £1
    How to enjoy your bible by John Blanchard £2.50
    The worship driven life by A.W. Tozer £2.50
    A practical workbook for the depressed Christian by John Lockley £5 SOLD
    ESV Study Bible £10
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