Lots of early red flags.

Discussion in 'Special Needs Support' started by Hogster, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Hi All, I thought I would try and get some help here and opinions of what people might think this is or any ideas I will explain the symptoms and background.

    my son is 18 months old he has Albinism (like Myself) both parents have to have the gene and it is a 25% each birth for the child to get it. 50% for us because I had albinism. I had no developed issues growing up as a baby. so I know a lot of doctors will grasp at straws and think that Albinism can be the problem.

    He has fluid on the brain. but the specialist have said it is not hydrocephalus basically just 'big head/ that it isn't a issue.

    But I see many red Flags in behavior and he has been way behind on development.

    He did not sit till he was 10 months old
    Did not craw till 12 months old
    he is 18 months old now still not walking he can stand and grab onto things but hasn't got the balance to walk yet, can still still for a few seconds but lose balance and fall. ( I was walking at 10 months)

    the MAJOR issue his eating is a nightmare. he has no interest in food at all only formula bottles. will have 4 6 bottles a day . may have yogurt. but that is about it. he has completely no interest in food. no concept of it. you hand him a bit of food on it's own and he will just throw it away. he has had reflex issues before if he tried to the food and would throw it back up, he can't even swallow it. this is major frustrating. he never latched onto breastfeeding and his sugar went low a few days after birth which is why he went onto formula food straight away.

    He never looks to his name. it's like he is in his own little world. rarely makes eye contact. (teething has be a constant issue though)
    Throws most toys. won't use a toy car for example how it is suppose to be used. just either chews it or throws it. he will throw and pick up a ball around though.

    Same with books. no interest in being read to just want's to play with the book chew it or throw it.
    His sleeping actually is very good. MOST nights he will sleep up to 10 hours straight. can be cranky when he wakes up though.

    doesn't point at anything his speech seems to be behind. might babble dadda dad ada but that is about it. just has a whinge sound when he wants something or is irritated

    Will only go to his mother mostly. hopeless with others. . will play with me (father) at times. but never really wants hugs only will go to his mother and want his mother all the time. will play with hands in a peekabo way. he is a nightmare at doctors screams his head off won't co-operate.

    Doesn't mix with other children at daycare.

    Opens and closes doors. enjoys noise and banging things.

    Does a lot of biting! (once again this could be non stoop teething)

    watches his fav tv show on the ipad he does laugh at the time time one some episodes which means he does have a memory there. he will know if it is a ep he doesn't wanna see again, so he has a memory there.

    getting changed is also a nightmare, have to use the ipad for him to watch to change him most times. he will turn his head and craw and look straight to the TV if he hears his fav show music on.

    I start to feel more and more this is huge red flags and we are looking at Autism.
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    Jul 13, 2010
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    I would get him into a developmental pediatrics office
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    Jul 4, 2011
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    I would def get an evaluation done.

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