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    So we are entiteld to HB since Oh has a low income we recived a cheque at the end of march for march's payment a week short of £96something witch they spelt Oh's name wrong so we had to take it back it to get that cheque cancelled and to recieve a new one, Oh rang up on friday and they have still not cancelled that cheque :hissy: and to ring back this friday to see if it has been done!!

    So far this month we have recieved one weeks pay again in cheque when its ment to go straight into the bank witch means Oh has to take time off work to put the cheque in so loses an hours pay and pays for carparking or i have to pay to get the bus there :hissy:

    So we paid our whole months rent on the 1st and all of our other bills and on the 8th we got a bill for council tax witch needs to be paid by the 1st of may witch we can not pay till HB send us all the money they owe So far without adding on the backdated weeks worth of pay they owe us £169.05.

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