made the 12th mth mark bfing!!! wondering about weaning

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by mel9996, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hello!! My LO is officially one year old and we are still going strong bfing!!! Very proud of us for that!! Living in the states doesn't seem like many moms choose to bf or it doesn't last very long so I'm giving myself a pat on the back lol. Now she does eat food but it seems like she prefers the breast over any food. Also she is a big comfort nurser so if she's upset or tired she will yank on my shirt or even try to pull them out. We also cosleep so I have been woken up by her pulling them out. I work 3pm-11pm and the minute she sees me she wants to bf while I'm at work she gets EBM and takes it no problem. I'm wondering how weaning will go. Will she start to not want it? Do I have to stop or cut back number of feedings? I don't want to stress her out or upset her but I think eventually I have to start weaning. Just need some advice from those who have successfully weaned
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    My daughter was still going strong at 12 months, but now at 13 months she has stopped without me having to do any weaning at all. (still have mixed emotions over it) She was never as into it as your daughter is however, she never pulled my shirt up or asked for it specifically - only fed when I offered. I also never used it as a comfort) So it sounds like your LO might go longer than mine, or maybe need a slow, gradual weaning process. I think eliminating one feed and then waiting another week or two before dropping another really worked for us. :thumbup:

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