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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Farie, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Sorry, me again!

    LO is on prescription formula and I'm keen not to waste any, but she seems to want more than the guidelines.
    How do you know how much to make up? Without making far to much and yet making enough so you dont have to make an additional 1oz just to top up?

    Do you just guess to start with? I'm currently mixing EBM with the formula so don't want to waste that either!

    Also, how many bottles do you have?
    I have 3, is that enough? How do you know when to go up a teat size?

    Do you pre-boil your water and leave of ready in the bottles so you just have to add powder? Or do you boil it ready each time?
    Is it really bad to microwave heat the milk?
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    Depends on the directions, so not sure with your type of formula. For instance I usually premake my water (even though I no longer sterilise I still boil my water) then keep the bottles in the fridge. I then microwave the water before adding the powder. The shaking mixes it and gets rid of the hotspots which are the main danger in microwaving. I also make up extra boiled water every 24 hours and keep that in the fridge for if I need to make up an extra oz or two here and there. I also sometimes premake the formula and pour out what I need into a bottle in use as I need it, especially as I have to make up 2oz at a time and I think she may only want an extra oz. I try not to keep the made up formula longer than 12ish hours and I only store stuff in bottles she hasn't been sucking out of. Once it's had a suck I try to have her finish it within the hour.
    I'd get more bottles or you'll forever be washing/sterilising etc. I have 9, but as I'm half and half only use 4-6 per day.
    No idea on teat size as I don't use teats at home and still have her on newborn size for daycare.

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