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Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by jodylee05, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Jan 13, 2011
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    Anyone else confused?

    This might sound silly but im trying to work out the best time time of year to get pregnant. For work reasons and also hubby is still at uni so im thinking for exams etc.

    But im confused as to holiday entiltment. I get 7 weeks holiday (i work for the NHS) so do you add your holidays onto your maternity leave or does it just get scrapped?? help please. Im just worried that when my husband starts a new job as a graduate, i will have to go back to work after my year off for maternity!!

    Confusing :wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko:
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    hi i work for the nhs too and from what (many!) other people in my department have done i think you keep it. what they tend to do is take some time off before they start maternity, then when their maternity is over they have more holiday owed so they take it to extend their maternity leave in a way or they take some every week. most people only take 9 months maternity though so im not sure what happens if you take a full year. we get new holiday in april so i you were to go on maternity in march then in 9 months you would still have your holiday waiting in the new year. but because you cant carry holiday over into another year im not sure if 12 months off maternity means no holiday for that year. im pretty confused it all too really but im trying in june. i think im going to work out when i have to use it by and use it before i go on maternity and then use my new lot of holiday before i come back to work.
  3. Hiya, I don't work in the nhs but I do know you are still entitled to all your annual leave. I added 3 weeks to the start of my maternity leave and I have 3 weeks added to the end of it. I only took 9 months maternity leave but with my holiday added on I was able to take nearly a year off. They can't take your holiday from you. My holiday year starts in January and by the time I go back in April I'd have accrued more holiday again and I still get to use it all.

    Oh and I don't know about the nhs (I work in the prison service), but I was able to carry 3 weeks of my annual leave into the next holiday year. It had to have special permission granted by my manager but I was able to do it which means when I go back in April I'll have a full years entitlement left still to take up until end of December. January - April will be a full time equivalent and then from April onwards I'll accrue whatever a part time employee gets as I'm only returning part time.
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    yes i agree , with my 2 other babys i took my holidays just before my mat started , which is allowed .

    although with this pregnancy , my job is my 24 hour 7 days a week life , as im a foster carer so i dont get maternity leave i just carry on like every day , hard work . i actually loved my looking forward to the holidays just before mat started as it was a bit of time for me before baby come . now my every day is hectic , the school run for my foster daughters takes a hour each way , they have contact with birth familys which i take them too 4 times a week , plus 4 kids in my home is hard work any way , with out social workers , ect . so take advasntage of every holiday n mat leave you get , ha ha xx

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