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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by mandylou, Dec 14, 2009.

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    Is it possible to feed a baby through breastfeeding and by a bottle? what i mean is i really want to breastfeed (if i am able to of course) , but thought it would also be nice to express, so the OH can bottle feed babyso he can also share the experience of feeding, (and so i might get some sleep! lol) . but im beginning to wonder is it usually possible to do both at the same time? or does it have to either one or the other? any thoughts would be appreciated! :)

    p.s i know ive got some time to go yet! just thinking ahead :)
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    You can definately do both! Once breastfeeding is well established and your supply is adequate, usually around 6 weeks, you can begin pumping. If you're only looking for an occasional bottle, a single manual pump might be enough for you. I express regularly while I'm at work, so I have a double electric pump. DH gives a bottle of EBM while I'm at work, and I think he really likes the chance to do it. :)
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    I combine both BF and feeding EBM by bottle we started at about 51/2 weeks. I have a single electric pump as I originally started expressing due to poorly nipples to give them a break. I still express now even though boobs feeling better. So you can definitely do it. I did have to try several types of bottles to find ones he liked though. So I wouldn't go out and buy loads of one brand in case he doesn't take to them.

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