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Discussion in 'Kids & Teenagers' started by mrsmummy2, Nov 25, 2019.

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    How did your children cope with moving schools?

    I've just applied for an in-year transfer for my two (year 1 and year 3 - aged 5 and 7)
    I am SO nervous that I'm doing the wrong thing.

    We want to sell our house and move. We hate the area and have had a bad experience with the parents at the school. DD hasnt gotten along with this one child in her class since nursery and the school have done NOTHING to help... infact they've pushed them together.. they're in every "group" in class together (e.g. same group for math, English etc) then in year 3 they split into two classes.... I specifically asked for DD to be in a different class... guess what? Come September they were in the same class and groups AGAIN.

    DS has also had a bad relationship with one of the boys in his class who over the past 3 years has spat, hit, kicked ane punched DS. Again, no help from the school and tbh I'm at the end of my tether. The school is all about hitting markers... they have been marked as a "green" school on the colour coding system.. e.g. green is best, yellow theres room for improvement, amber needs help and red is obviously the worst. However there's nothing green about them at all! No help, just ignorance. Plus DD is in the highest set for her subjects yet is constantly feeling like she's not doing good enough and feels a lot of pressure from her teachers. Basically just really not happy with the education they are recieving.

    I guess I'm just looking for someone to reassure me that I'm not doing the wrong thing and tell me their kids were totally fine about moving!

    I know all circumstances are different and children will adjust but any advise would be appreciated!
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    We didn't move during the year but from Reception to 1st year so I am not sure that makes a difference but my boys totally took in their stride. I suppose it depends on how anxious your kids are about new things?
    FX all goes well for you and that the new school and area will be a happier place for you all.
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    Kids can be very receptive to changes, more than us adults, but it depends on how you treat the subject. Try to help the small ones integrate as much as you can, befriend parents at the new school, and if the child is receptive, everything will be ok.
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    Haven't done it with my kids but moved from a private school to a state school when I was about 5 and then back to the private school when I was 7 and my parents had more money again.

    It was fine and I was happy at both schools, made friends etc. Might be a little weird at first but at this age is likely to turn out great.
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