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Discussion in 'USA & Canada' started by kasey c, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hi there, :flower:
    Not sure whether this is the right place to add this thread... :blush: My family and I will be moving to Connecticut from the UK sometime in February or March 2012 (depending on how quickly the visas come through). Just wondering if anyone could recommend on nice places that are family-friendly to live in CT? My husband's office is based in Stamford so he doesn't want a massive commute from our home to the office so would prefer to live within 45 mins drive of his work. We are planning on renting and our top-end of our budget is $2000- and looking for a house with 3 beds plus.
    Also, planning on putting Ben into pre-school at 3 - can anyone recommend any good schools in Stamford or surrounding areas?
    What is public transport like in CT or is it essential to drive?
    Also if anyone could give me any advice on general living costs- e.g. taxes, oil, electric, cable tv, car taxes. My OH's company is paying our medical insurance and internet and phone bills so don't need to budget for those.
    Many thanks xxx

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